A note from Court

June 8, 2023, Thursday, 10:23 AM, New York

in all my glory: in someone or something's full beauty

For many years I navigated around who I am. My identity. I was an athlete all my life, playing lacrosse in college, then going on to finish college online to pursue acting in New York City. I always knew I wanted to start a brand & community like this. Really, all I wanted was to confidently be all of me: flaws, quirks, complexities, interests, and all.

I am inspired daily to add to myself and evolve. The day I decided not to fear the complexity of being all of me, but rather embrace it, is the day I found myself, in all my glory.

We aspire to be your one-stop space for a full, confident, connected life. A space that inspires you to stand a little taller, walk a little slower and feel a little more at home within yourself. A space that inspires you to be you. All of you.

Our clothing is ethically made in Portugal. It is important to me to know the individuals and factories behind our clothes. Each measurement and material is carefully crafted out of my search for the perfect collection of classic, quality pieces that each have their own energy and can stand on their own. Simple but loud. Timeless. Graceful. Powerful.

In All My Glory was created in hopes to give you, too, the confidence to celebrate and tap into all aspects of you, in all your glory. Because we are all complex. And that's both beautiful and exciting.  

My biggest dream is that in being all of me, in all my glory, that then gives you the space and confidence to be all of you, in all your glory. 

So excited to grow and shine together  




Where are IAMG garments made?

Our clothing is mindfully & ethically produced in Portugal. We chose Portugal for their top quality, beautiful craftsmanship & knowledge, ethical working conditions, accessibility to organic and sustainable fabrics & more. It was really important for me to meet and know the faces and places behind each piece. This transparency was essential from the start.

Mission & Actions

We are committed to continuously evolving sustainably as IAMG continues to grow. Our factories in Portugal are GOTS-certified. We use GOTS-certified organic cotton for our clothing and will continue to use organic and recycled materials as much as possible. Our tags are also made from 100% organic cotton. Our hang tags are made from 100% recycled materials. Our packaging is 100% recycled plastic that is also 100% recyclable and reusable. We are constantly striving to evolve and do our best for the environment.