The Journey is the Best Part

I love waking up early. It’s time for me to be with myself & my thoughts without any interruption. The older I get, the more I craveee this solitude. Anyways! This morning I couldn’t stop thinking about what “the journey” means. And just how important enjoying the journey of life really is.

Sometimes I will find myself feeling stressed or worried about the destination. But when I really dive into the destination I can’t help but wonder what the destination even is? I know to many of us the destination may be success in one way or another. But lately, I have been so excited about the journey instead of the destination.

To me, there is nothing noble in moving through each day stressed, fast & worried. I am switching my focus to moving slowly, gracefully & with purpose. Intentionally. Doing things I genuinely enjoy, prioritizing these things. Trusting that it will all work out when I am moving authentically and doing things that feel right to me.

There is so much beauty in enjoying the journey. Growing every day, enjoying every day, becoming more you every day. Instead of being worried about the destination and how far away you are from it. Try to focus on growing into the best you each day, the most aligned you. Explore your passions, things that light you up. Take the time to do things you love. If you love to cook, prioritize each day so that you can cook a meal even if that means moving a meeting around or waking up extra early to make a yummy breakfast for yourself before work. Understanding that each day comes and goes. And each day is a gift, a part of the journey of life.

So when you wake up, try to consciously choose to enjoy the day and find moments of presence instead of allowing the fast pace of life to take over.

I am learning that the journey is the best part. The becoming more you each day. The being present in moments. The being open to change. The being open to the journey.

I’ve heard the key to a long, beautiful life is laughter and presence. More of that, pleaseeee!!