Spring. A Time to Invite it all in

I always love the energy Spring brings each year. To me, it feels like all my conscious and unconscious growth and ideas from a long winter come to life. I am revitalized, motivated and open for whatever this new season, or chapter, brings. Keyword: open.

I have been really focused on leaning into each chapter of life. For awhile, I found myself holding onto beliefs, dreams, relationships, and more because they were comfortable. I was so closed in on one way of being, one way of thinking, one way of living that there was no way anything new could bud let alone prosper. It’s this tension that feels comfortable. I realized I didn’t want to live in a constant state of tension anymore. I was craving release. I was craving opening up to the possibilities of what would come if I invited change and newness.

Out of this release came what you are reading today! IN ALL MY GLORY began because I allowed myself to choose a path that I always wanted to go down but was too afraid to let go of another path I had been trying day in and day out to make work. And so I decided to break open and allow myself the gift of change. The gift of nurturing something that has always been on my heart but never in action because of boundaries and doubts of my own creation.

What if you nurtured ideas that excited you instead of retracting to your usual comfort space? What if when you felt a new chapter coming on, you invited it in and let it bud and have the beautiful possibility of prospering? The unknown outcome is the scariest part for me. But I tell myself, it either works out or it really works out. And by that I mean, it either goes the way you hoped or you learn something while taking action on something that was on your heart. Win and win.

This spring, I’m working on releasing things that I know I am holding too tight. I am inviting in the new, the uncomfortable, and the growth. I keep telling myself: its either a win or a win. I am releasing doubt, tension, and fear. And welcoming belief, peace, and joy. Who is with me?!