The Journal: Just the Beginning

I’ve always loved to write. It has been my deepest form of connection to myself ever since I can remember. A way that I can truly be with myself. Be honest with myself. I write my dreams. My prayers. My grocery lists. My random thoughts. My concerns. Everything! I work out hard times through writing. And I almost always end that journal entry spinning whatever I’m going through into a positive. It helps me find the light. It helps smooth out the crinkles in this, often, incredibly busy mind of mine.

So here we go, The Journal. That can hopefully connect in one way or another to at least one of you. And make you feel less alone. The grammar will not be perfect. The punctuation, I can assure you, will be incorrect. But I have always written like I talk. Loud, energetic, and sometimes all over the place.

The Journal will be a mixture of things. Spontaneous entries, entries I pull from my previous journals, stories, quotes, recipes, writings from other people I think are brilliant. My hope is that you can read these and feel comforted, maybe even inspired. Add some sunshine to your day. Just a little something to look forward to.