Court's Famous Go-To: Pasta & Veggies

I am a bigggg pasta girl. I am also a bigggg vegetable girl. A meal does not feel right to me if it doesn’t have either a lot of fruit or a lot of veggies. I also do not eat meat often so I find myself eating this dish quiiiite often.

I love to host. When I do I usually make, what has now become my signature dish, Pasta & Vegetables. I know this sounds soooo simple but I am only including this recipe because when I serve it everyone finds it groundbreaking! And they love it! Then because it is so simple & delicious, they tell me they now make it for themselves often as well.

So of course, it only feels right to include it in the IAMG Recipes. Without further ado I introduce you to my simple, healthy go to meal: Pasta & Veggies.




Note! You can customize this however you like. As long as there is pasta, vegetables, parmesan cheese & olive oil it will be delish.